Home education

The VRQA is Victoria's home education regulator

Home education is when a parent or both parents choose to educate their children. If you home educate your child in Victoria you must register them with VRQA.

If you live in Victoria and your child is between 6 and 17 years old, you can register for home education with the VRQA.

You can start home education at the beginning of the year your child turns 6 or by their 6th birthday. 

Home schooling can take many forms, including:

  • one or more parents educating their child
  • groups of home schooling students coming together for short periods
  • attending excursions and activities in the community
  • using a tutor for short periods.

Attendance at a ‘quasi’ or unregistered school is not home schooling. An unregistered school typically:

  • has staff employed to deliver instruction (parents are not present for their child’s learning)
  • operates away from the home base
  • provides instruction across the 8 learning areas
  • operates during normal school hours.

The VRQA Home schooling policy defines how we regulate home education. It guides how we work with parents and other organisations, such as registered schools.

Home schooling policy
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