Information for schools about home education

Children must attend school during the home schooling application process. We will issue a formal registration notice to the applicants. Schools must check this formal registration notice before cancelling enrolment. Schools do not need to provide transfer notes.

We cannot provide a registration confirmation notice directly to schools. The school can email our Home Education team if a parent cannot confirm registration. We will then request registration confirmation through the Child Information Sharing Scheme.

We do not require any documents or permissions from schools. If a school has safety concerns about a home schooling application, refer the matter to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing following the usual referral processes.

We cannot report safety concerns on a school's behalf.

Partial enrolment arrangements

Parents home schooling their child can request a partial enrolment at a school. Partial enrolments are undertaken for specific subjects or activities.

Any partial enrolment arrangement is at the discretion of the school principal. Parents need written confirmation from the school principal of the partial enrolment. They then provide us with this confirmation.

Partial enrolment is not an option for students undertaking a senior secondary qualification. This includes VCE, VCE VM, VPC, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or any individual units of study.

Requirements and processes for partial enrolment are in the Department of Education Guidelines for Partial Enrolment for Registered Homeschooled Students.