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When VRQA intervention is needed

Sometimes VRQA intervention is needed

Where we find employers who mistreat women apprentices and trainees and don’t change their ways, we will remove their approval to employ apprentices and trainees in Victoria – simple as that.

Any apprentice or trainee with concerns can contact us:

About the VRQA

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) regulates apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. It seeks to eliminate or minimise harm, and the risk of harm, to apprentices and trainees. The VRQA monitors training contract compliance.

VRQA’s Authorised Officers visit apprentices and trainees in their workplaces to make sure apprentices and trainees are adequately supervised and work in safe environments that are free from exploitation and mistreatment. Authorised Officers will also look at apprentice and trainee progress against training plans to ensure they are learning the skills required for their qualifications.

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Infographic for apprentices and trainees. If you have no supervision, no training release, or no skilled tasks call the VRQA on 1300 722 603.