Call to action

SpeakUP to end the culture of silence

The culture of silence means that women apprentices and trainees in bad situations feel like there is nobody that can help them.

The culture of silence means that sexism, discrimination, bullying, and poor or absent supervision continues unaddressed.

This results in women apprentices and trainees not completing their qualifications and leaving the industry.

But if you’re a co-worker of a woman apprentice or trainee, you can do something. You can offer support and call out bad behaviour. You can take action to make your workplace safe and productive for everybody.

The VRQA calls on the Victorian building and construction industry to end the culture of silence for mistreated women apprentices and trainees.

Access help

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The BuildUP campaign demonstrates that apprentices and trainees often won’t report employer non-compliance to the VRQA as their first option.

There is confidential help available.

Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs) help apprentices – and employers – get the most out of the apprenticeship system.

ASOs are located across Victoria and offer a free and confidential support and advice.

Call the ASO Hotline on 1300 311 820

Email Apprentice support:

Visit: ASO website

Other places for help include: