Compliance reminders for RTOs

Annual declarations and Child Safe Standards audits.

Monday, 6 March 2023 at 11:33 pm

There's several conditions of registration that registered training organisations (RTOs) must comply with.

RTOs must complete and return their annual declaration to VRQA by 1 April 2023. There is an updated Annual Declaration of Compliance form that includes a requirement to fill in the RTO course delivery table. Check that you're using the current and updated Annual Declaration of Compliance form and replace any former versions:

A reminder also that on 1 January 2023 the Child Safe Standards (Guideline 6) became fully auditable for RTOs that deliver to students under 18 years of age. RTOs will be expected to demonstrate compliance with Guideline 6 in full. 

If this applies to your RTO, check out our website to find out what you must do:

We will audit all RTOs that deliver to students under 18 years of age over the next 3 years. If your RTO registration:

  • audit is due in the next 3 years, Child Safe Standards compliance will be included
  • ends in 2026 or 2027, you will have a separate Child Safe Standards audit within the next 3 years.

We'll send out a letter one month before audits are due to notify RTOs they have been scheduled. You will be provided with an opportunity to respond to or rectify any non-compliances identified during the audit process.

Please make sure to inform the VRQA of any changes to your RTOs' contact details so we can keep our database and up to date. 

For more information contact our VET unit.