Competency-based completions

Advice for apprentices, trainees and their employers.

Monday, 3 July 2023 at 3:32 am

Apprenticeships and traineeships for all trades in Victoria are competency-based, not time-based. Competency-based completion aligns learning achieved through a qualification with applying skills and knowledge to workplace and industry performance standards. A training contract can be completed when:

  • the apprentice or trainee has achieved all the competencies of the qualification, as outlined in their training plan
  • the employer has confirmed with the registered training organisation (RTO) that the apprentice or trainee is competent in the workplace.

This means that apprentices and trainees can complete their contracts at any time they have completed their study with the RTO and the employer confirms competence in the workplace.

Training plans should be monitored and assessed regularly to ensure that the apprentice or trainee is on track to achieve competence and that any issues with their training are raised and addressed as soon as possible.

If an employer finds that the apprentice or trainee lacks competence in certain areas of study, this should be raised directly with the RTO to discuss options and methods to support the achievement of competence.

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