Are your emergency contact details up to date?

Find out more about the emergency contact register.

Sunday, 26 February 2023 at 11:26 pm

All school and school boarding premises should make sure their emergency contact details are up to date. 

The commencement of a new school year often brings staffing changes.  Principals, especially those who are new, must ensure changes to emergency contact details are provided to the Department of Education.  

On behalf of the VRQA, the Department of Education's Security and Emergency division maintains an emergency contact register for independent schools.  They periodically contact independent schools by email requesting the details of 2 emergency contacts, including:

  • the name, mobile phone number and email address of the school principal or the school boarding premises representative
  • the name, mobile phone number and email address of an emergency contact. 

If an independent school knows their emergency contact information has changed, they should contact the Security and Emergency Management division to update the register:

Keeping your school's emergency contact details up to date will ensure that in the event of an emergency or incident, the Security and Emergency division can provide your school with information and assistance.  

The information in the register will only be accessed in the event of an emergency or incident that will directly impact your school or school boarding premises. 

It is also a requirement of registration to inform the VRQA if your school appoints a new principal.  Please make sure to inform the VRQA of any new appointments so we can keep our records up to date: